About Me!

The general consensus in today's society is that if you stay at home with your kids, like to cook, do crafts, clip coupons, etc...you are a frumpy mama. Ha! I am anything BUT frumpy...and you don't have to be to enjoy the same things I enjoy. I promise...you will become a domestic diva in your husband's eyes within one week! :)

When I was younger my mom tried EVERYTHING to get me in the kitchen...she couldn't get me in there unless it was to taste test what she made. I was convinced I would have no need for cooking WHATSOEVER. Flash forward at least a decade...and I LOVE cooking! I must admit though...I have little patience...and much of my time is consumed with taking care of my family...so I need things that taste great...but take little time to prepare. So...here I am! Sharing my passion with you! The kitchen DOES not have to be scary! If I can do it...you can too! I promise!

My mom also tried to convince me about the importance of eating healthy. Yeah right! I love candy...swore I would NEVER give up my vanilla coke...and ice cream? Well...you would have to pry it out of my cold,dead fingers before I would hand it over. Don't get me wrong...there is NOTHING wrong with occasionally having some ice cream, a candy bar, or vanilla coke...but I have found some great substitutes that are MUCH better for you! :)

I have two gorgeous girls...and one who needs something to do pretty much every waking hour. Here comes in the great one-on-one teaching lessons (that you don't need a PhD to give), and awesome crafts!

Basically, I am the mother of 2 gorgeous little girls, an avid coupon clipper, menu maker, and recipe reciter.  I enjoy all things "June Cleaver" and look forward to passing on the passion to my girls!  I am blessed to be a stay at home mom and I wouldn't have it any other way!  

I could go on for days...but lets just suffice it to say...if you see it on here...you should know that it has been given the stamp of approval by my family and I...and I have PICKY people in my family!