Coupon Sites/Saving More!

***April 28, 2010***

Hey Ladies! I wanted to stress the importance of looking at stores sales and shopping at stores that combine store coupons with manufacturers coupons. There are several stores that will do this: Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc. Since the only option to do this in my town is Wal-greens...that is where I go! Be sure and look at their clearance section too! I recently purchased Nuetragena Men's face scrub for my husband for $1.59. Its normally almost $8! I went ahead and bought ALL of them. :) (It was only 3 of them...but...I won't have to buy face scrub for a while!) Combine sales with store coupons and manufacturers coupons to come out on top! I am still learning how to navigate the process...but my total savings for the month of April are close to $250! :)

One thing I do about twice a month (generally when I have about an hour) is sit down and email the companies that I buy products from on a regular basis. I will also search their sites for printable coupons. However, if you can't find them on their site...EMAIL them! You wouldn't believe the coupons that companies have sent me! I have been able to get free or almost free diapers, bottles, cleaning products, beauty products, etc.

Here is a list of coupon sites I absolutely LOVE. :) Check them out ladies! If you follow the authors ideas...I promise you will be saving a TON in no time!

This is ALSO a site I absolutely LOVE. If you EVER order online...why not get cash back? I promise this site is for real...I have already received 2 checks from them. Sign up now and receive $5 in your cash back account when you make your first purchase!

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