Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Menu Ideas!

Alright...so I have been promising weekly menu ideas. Here's the deal. So many of you eat or don't eat different things...so...I am going to be posting 7 things on your menu per week. You can re-arrange as you wish. I will post 7 recipes each week..however in my house we normally do M-F as recipes...Saturday is normally either bake in the oven pizza or we order out and Sunday is Left-Overs! I generally grocery shop on Sunday afternoons. You can cut down on grocery costs by planning a weekly menu and you can definitely save the time of wondering, "WHAT am I going to make for dinner?!"

From here on out I will be posting 7 ideas...and if the recipe's aren't already posted then I will post those...and if they are...I will tell you where to find them. Also...I will be posting side ideas for your meals. :) You of course do not have to follow my menu's to the letter. :) However, I challenge you to print out a weekly menu, shop from that weekly menu, and see what happens. I think you will be SHOCKED at the money you save, the stress you reduce, and the enjoyment you get from cooking!

You can expect the menu's to be posted on Friday of each week for the following week. Basically 7 ideas to run you Monday-Sunday. :)

If you have ANY thing you want to see let me know. If you want more chicken recipes...let me know. If you want more beef recipes...let me know. :)

Hope you guys enjoy!

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